GDPR Certification

We get asked this question all the time by our customers – “Is there an easier way to reassure my customers that my service is compliant with the GDPR?”

Now we can answer with confidence – yes there is.

EuroPriSe offers a certification solution (similar to ISO security certifications) for compliance with the GDPR. The certification provides a Privacy Seal that will make all those onboarding evaluations so much easier, more efficient, less time consuming and ultimately help you to close those new deals faster.

Fort Privacy are pleased to be accredited as EuroPriSe Technical and Legal Experts. We provide the consulting services that will prepare you for the certification process.

Why do I need a Privacy Seal Certification?

A Privacy Seal is a visible trust mark certifying that a product or service has been checked by independent experts and approved by an impartial certification authority.

It delivers assurance of privacy compliance and fosters consumer protection and trust.

It showcases your company as a vendor of privacy respecting products and services.

The Advantages of EuroPriSe certification

The European Privacy Seal provides a visible trust mark that can certify enterprises to show that their products or services have been checked by independent experts and approved by an impartial certification authority. This is an advantage of working with an independent third party, and it means that you will stand out for all the right reasons.

As well as showing your customers and partners that you are a trustworthy business, the European Privacy Seal gives your staff the confidence and assurance that the organisation’s products and services are GDPR compliant helping your sales and marketing in a big way. Certification at this level reassures those within your network that their personal data is secure, and enables your clients to compare your services with others available to them based on evaluation results. This comprehensive trust mark works for businesses of all sizes, and demonstrates that your organisation is fully accountable and not just operating compliance at a surface level.

Our Process

Engaging with Fort Privacy means you are provided with the experience and skills you need to smooth your path to certification. As Europrise Technical and Legal experts we offer guidance on all aspects of your Europrise journey. We take pride in ensuring our clients can achieve the Europrise Privacy Seal and start enjoying the benefits of EU wide recognition of their GDPR Compliance. We look forward to celebrating your achievement with you!

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