A Structured Approach

Every business or organisation collects personal data in some form. Each business is unique in the amount of data they collect and how they collect it. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for data protection. We bring a structured approach to delivering data protection services in a flexible way that is designed to suit your needs.


We also value innovation so our multidisciplinary team developed the Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework.

Embedding a data protection culture is key to compliance. Data Protection needs to be treated as a function of the organisation, with a team, reporting structure and a project plan, just like every other function in the organisation. The Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework brings much needed structure to the data protection program and provides a way to measure how effective it is.

The use of the framework helps to move some of the roadblocks that are currently preventing progress being made and prevent the DPO from being isolated in their endeavours.  Applying the Maturity Model helps to drive the culture of data protection in the organisation, secure buy in from senior management, enhance the reputation of the organisation and ensure clear delegation of responsibilities and identify measurements for success.

The Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework simplifies your journey by providing clarity and focus to your compliance activities. It delivers confidence and certainty in the program and most of all it helps you embed the culture of compliance you need in order to reduce the organisational risk associated with your data processing activities.

For more information please see our Article on the Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework


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