A Structured Approach

Every business or organisation collects personal data in some form. Each business is unique in the amount of data they collect and how they collect it. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for data protection. We bring a structured approach to delivering data protection services in a flexible way that is designed to suit your needs.

Privacy by Design

Embedding customer trust from the outset

Outsourced DPO

Proactively driving and monitoring data protection compliance

Data Catalogue

Building a solid foundation for your policies, processes and legal agreements

Audit and Assessment

Independent verification of your approach


Because data protection is everyone's responsibility

Bespoke Services

Because one size doesn't fit all needs

Our Posts

Introducing The Fort Privacy Maturity Model Framework – Your Go-To Tool for Compliance!

The GDPR is a complex piece of legislation and with its first anniversary now upon us, the importance of identifying a clear and structured approach to the data protection compliance program has never been more necessary.

Should I Outsource our Data Protection Officer Role?

When the GDPR legislation was introduced last year, data protection became a bigger concern for many businesses than it had ever been before. This lead to many companies having to consider introducing a new role: The Data Protection Officer.

GDPR & Mergers and Acquisitions – ARE YOU READY?

So, you’ve been waiting for years for this. You have built your company up, done all the right things and finally an offer comes in the door from a prospective purchaser.

Is your website giving out data protection warning signs?

Asking for too much information is another sign that someone is not thinking about customers privacy. Do your customers have to think “I wonder why they need that?”