Our goal is to provide comfort and reassurance for our clients no matter what journey you undertake with us – long, short, simple or complex. We believe that data protection compliance requires a multidisciplinary approach. We follow through on that belief in the way we develop and deliver our services. We also believe that our clients – and their customers – will benefit from a common sense approach.  Our maturity model cuts through all the noise about GDPR to find a balance that delivers compliance without the hype. Above all, the relationship we build with our clients helps us to understand your unique situation and match your needs.

Outsourced DPO

A cost effective alternative to hiring and training in-house

We think outsourcing is the wrong word to describe what we do. It is more akin to in-sourcing. You get efficiency and cost effectiveness and we become a trusted and critical part of your team, keeping you focused on getting and staying compliant through our structured ODPO programme. You get the benefit of a qualified DPO who has the support of a multidisciplinary team delivering a professionally structured compliance program.

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Fort Privacy Maturity Model Audit

Independent Objective Assesment

Independently and objectively measure how well your business is currently performing in 10 key risks areas against 5 levels of maturity. Understand not just where you are today, but where you need to be and how to close the gap.

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Privacy Seal Certification

Reassure your customers that your organisation is GDPR compliant with a EuroPriSe certification

Europrise Privacy Seal is an EU wide privacy certification for IT products and IT-based services that tells your customers at a glance that your product or service is compliant with the GDPR.

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Advanced Privacy Programme Training

Designed For Privacy Teams

Fort Privacy Advanced Privacy Programme Training is a hands-on operational approach to delivering data protection training that delivers more than just knowledge of data protection law. It is data protection in practice!

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Because data protection is everyone's responsibility

Our online training offering delivers training and assessment, resulting in a certification that contributes to you demonstrating compliance. It is cost effective (plus there are discounts for larger groups), convenient and only takes 60 minutes.

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