We recently added up the numbers. By delivering our Outsourced Data Protection Officer service we look after more than 25 million data subjects records. That’s financial data, health data, employment data and student data. That’s a lot of personal data. We take that responsibility seriously.

From day one we set out our company values.




Marie Murphy

Co-Founder & Operations Director

I got into Data Protection as a result of being responsible for a relatively simple piece of data protection in my previous company and struggling with it. In hindsight I always had an interest in this area – some would say I was born to it as my birthday is on International Data Protection day. This work suits me – I like to see the bigger picture & I love to solve problems, I like to understand how a product or service flows from start to finish and I have a very logical approach to things. All this suits my work as Operations Director in Fort Privacy. It also feeds the area of work that I most enjoy which is Privacy by Design where I can be logical and creative at the same time – breaking new ground with clients by helping them build an innovative approach to data protection into their product and service design.

Tricia Higgins

Co-Founder & Legal Director

Ever since I met Marie in early 2017 we have been single-minded in our mission to create a company that delivers services based at the entire processing activities of an organisation from a legal, IT and operational perspective. I am motivated by providing solutions to companies that enable both compliant data processing activities AND deliver commercial value. As a lawyer, it is hugely rewarding for me to work with our multi-disciplined team in Fort Privacy. The GDPR is a complex piece of legislation that requires this multi-disciplined approach. If we can show organisations the way forward under the GDPR, that can only mean better adoption of the GDPR and that is important for all us individuals whose privacy rights it seeks to protect. The services solution is just the beginning, in order to encourage GDPR adoption within organisations, we will be bringing software solutions to the market that will enable us to provide the standard of care that we envisage for our customers...watch this space!

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