Outsourced Data Protection Officer

Choosing to outsource your DPO requirements to Fort Privacy is:

Cost effective

Cost effective

compared to training someone in-house



we bring years of experience to your business



Working collaboratively with your business, our GDPR experts bring a multidisciplinary approach involving your team and ours

The Fort Privacy Outsourced DPO Service

Fort Privacy’s GDPR experts also provide advice and expertise to internal DPOs. 

We have discovered that in-house DPOs often have other responsibilities and may not have the band width for compliance activities with everything else that is going on in their daily tasks. This is very frustrating for the DPO, and also leaves the organisation exposed to potential compliance risks.

Whether you’re looking to completely outsource or augment your organisation’s Data Protection activities, it is vital you source the right team.

At Fort Privacy, our DPOs are: 

  • experts in Data Protection law
  • operational experts and can talk to your company’s technology team
  • experienced, professional and can report to management and the board of directors
  • thoroughly knowledgeable in understanding the Data Protection requirements of your business

What to expect when you appoint a Fort Privacy Outsourced Data Protection Officer

Fort Privacy DPOs bring a multi-disciplinary, team based and collaborative approach to your Data Protection compliance requirements. 

Having us as part of your Data Protection team means you no longer have to worry about employee turnover, holidays or sickness. Fort Privacy is always available.

Our Data Protection experts have built up a vast bank of knowledge in all aspects of Data Protection compliance. Not only that, Fort Privacy bring fresh ideas and a fresh approach ensuring your whole company benefits from our expertise.

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