Breach Management Team

Category: Breach Management

Customer: Healthcare Distributor of Products and Services

Working with this healthcare distributor we created breach management policies and procedures and trained all staff in the group on these to ensure effective implementation. 

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12 June 2024

My personal favourite old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times," feels particularly relevant these days. Our world is changing, with both exciting possibilities and daunting challenges emerging on every front. Change, after all, is a double-edged sword. And amidst this whirlwind of change, a new force is rapidly taking shape: Artificial Intelligence.

Crash, Bang, Wallop! What happens when Artificial Intelligence meets GDPR?

07 March 2024

As a technologist, I am both excited and appalled at the developments in AI and it seems from various surveys that I am not alone. My greatest wish is that we can harness its power for good while dampening its power for misuse. It is early days yet – let’s hope this wish comes true!

The Great 2024 GDPR Quiz!

08 January 2024

Everyone loves a quiz so we decided we would kick-off the new year with a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun.

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